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Frame's weight reduction, achieved due to considerable steel elimination (by 60%) is of great importance in this case. It influences the comfort of working in the factory, as well as in buildings where the windows are being set up. Thanks to the weight, transport costs are considerably lower.


Energeto windows are the warmest in their class because of their "powerful inside" technology.

Sticking the pane into the window helps to eliminate the "weak point" when it comes to heat-insulating, namely the steel supports. This change has resulted in attempting to eliminate the swages completely. Metal stiffening in window frames' profiles comprises a thermal stem by dint of high conductivity. Termoplast which is strengthened by fiberglass supersedes the steel, used in traditional PVC window frames and gives rise to better thermal insulation of the windows.

Eliminating steel supports let us to get rid of thermal stems and achieve Uf = 0,94 W/m²K coefficient  of heat transfer. We were able to achieve impressive Uf = 1,0 W/m²K parameters even in standard 70 mm deep profile construction. Conscientious research contributed to considerable reduction of coefficient of thermal insulation without increasing the swages' depth.

Energeto® windows - effective use of solar power and additional thermal profits

The willingness to make use of solar power in buildings resulted in consecutive changes in window profiles' construction, namely reducing the height of profiles. Eliminating the steel supports enabled us to create a very narrow frame/sash construction of only 107 mm width.

An eye-catching design of the sash covering the frame considerably contributed to bigger glazing surfaces. It results in better insolation and passive thermal profits. It is a perfect solution for very sunlit elevations, as well as restorations. In the case of restorations, replacing the windows usually results in reduction of the glazed surface.

Energeto® "foam inside" - even warmer

Energeto® systems belong to the small group of window systems which enable one to create passive windows by using two chamber complex pane of Ug = 0,7 W/(m2*K) heat transfer coefficient. It is possible by dint of using another innovation which is "foam inside". It gives rise to optional refilling the internal chambers with insulating material. Putting the polyurethane foam into the chambers contributes to achieving impressive coefficient of heat transfer (refilling the profiles' chambers gives Uf=0,79 W/m2K which is Uw=0,61 W/m2K for the whole window). Passive houses Institute in Darmstadt granted a certificate to energetic 8000 foam inside windows, recommending them as a perfect solution for passive buildings.

Energy efficiency and unique design

Aluplast offers a wide range of foils in many different colors (40 types). These foils have innovative cool-colors technology which is a warranty for better lifespan and durability of the surface. Cool-colors decors have patented pigments which reduce heat absorption from laminated window systems which are more exposed to heating and changing weather conditions. It enables us to bring the functionality and attractive design together while designers and investors can fulfill customers' expectations.

Energeto® windows - preponderance thanks to innovation

Very low thermal transmission is the most important factor of energeto® window systems which are one of the bravest windows solution, introduced in the last few years. It is characterized by:

  • complete elimination of steel supports for PVC swages and replacing them with thermoplastic insertions with an addition of fiberglass
  • using complex panes and "bonding inside" technology (sticking panes into the frame) to achieve optimal static and thermal features
  • facility to achieve further improvement of swages' heat transfer by optional refilling them with polyutherane foam after the process of welding the construction - "foam inside" technology.

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