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PVC profil Aluplast Ideal 4000 Windows

Ideal 4000 System represents a new profile generation. They meet even the most excessive expectations. 70-80 span profile with 5-6 chambers outside insulating. Solid structure containing big chambers dedicated for steel supports and 70-85 deep profile enable us to create sizeable windows. Multi-chamber construction providing excellent thermal and acoustic insulation is a fundamental feature which contributes to Ideal 4000’s brilliancy.


Innovative design and revolutionary solutions enable us to create stylish windows. Remarkable contours of windows result in timeless elegance. Round-line series, distinguished by oval shape and flawless texture, enables us to create outstanding windows. It goes great with futuristic interiors. Ideal 4000 system is perceived as versatile, appropriate for modern buildings as well as for multi-occupied houses.  Modular mounting system facilitates fitting windows into places where there is no possibility to change the size of window hole. Reducing the size of window frame and sash let us extend the clearance of glazing and insolation.

aluplast ideal 4000ideal 4000 polzlicowanyideal 4000 6K

aluplast ideal 4000aluplast ideal 4000rl 85mmaluplast ideal 4000 85mmaluplast ideal 4000 round line

System's characteristics:

  • 5-6 chamber structure, 70-85 construction's depth - optimal thermal and acoustic insulation (up to Uf =1,3 W/m2K )
  • big chamber dedicated for supports - static construction
  • esthetic, invisible askets
  • 15-level cant of the frame's edge and sash - optimal water flow
  • moving the axle by 13 mm from the frame's channel enables using the fastenings which helps to prevent house from burglary
  • exceedingly durable and modern gaskets - airtight and reliable windows
  • soft curves and cants - modern and elegant design
  • smooth surface of the frame - facilitating cleaning and maintaining the windows